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Capable of meeting the most urgent fabrication and repair needs.

The Macomb Group offers various fabrication and repair services to better meet the needs of our customers.

These services include everything from simple cutting and threading to complete hose assemblies. We provide an experienced team that can quickly turn your project around saving you time and money on projects by reducing onsite fabrication operations.

The Macomb Group has the ability to meet all of the following needs:


Tapered threads provide a tight seal between pipe and whatever it is being joined to, whether it is a valve or a fitting, without the need for a gasket. The Macomb Group Fabrication Division has the ability to put NPT standard threads on the ends of pipe sized up to 8” in diameter.


The Macomb Group Fabrication Division is capable of cut or roll grooving black, galvanized or stainless steel, and copper piping materials. Cut grooving involves machining a groove onto the ends of a pipe for joining by means of a gasket surrounded by a coupling housing. Roll grooving is a cold formation method to quickly put a groove onto the ends of a pipe. We are currently capable of cut grooving pipe sized up to 24” and roll grooving pipe sized up to 36” in diameter.


We are capable of performing straight, bevel, and mitre cuts on pipe sized up to 24” in diameter.


We are capable of tapping plastic and carbon steel pipe sized between ½” to 2” in diameter.


The Macomb Group Fabrication Division staffs certified welders. We are capable of MIG welding carbon steel sized between 1-1/4” to 8” in diameter on a semi-automatic welder to NFPA-13 specifications.

Hose Assemblies

We are capable of crimping and banding hose sized between ¼” and 3” in diameter.

By choosing the Macomb Group for your fabrication needs, you’ll enjoy these benefits:
  • Quick project turnaround times
  • A wide variety of tools for your unique cutting needs
  • An experienced team with excellent customer service and problem solving ability
  • Available 24 hour emergency assistance


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