Detroit Edison

“Once again, another great job by Macomb Group has come through in our time of need. I truly appreciate all that you and Macomb Group do for us.”

“Here at St. Clair the Macomb Group has assisted me in keeping the Plant Mechanical availability in line. Their identification of products that have assisted us, their sense of urgency and understanding my needs have led me to consider the Macomb Group as a valuable partner for DTE. Their recommendations of products and services have saved the St. Clair Plant thousands of dollars. One of the things that impresses me the most is no matter what time I call them, night or day, they respond to my emergency needs. Whether that means expediting parts, on site assistance, or just help with technical questions. In my opinion this is the level of service that DTE requires from our Tier 1 suppliers. Please assist me here at the St. Clair Power Plant, by considering the Macomb Group as our Tier 1 Piping Supplier.”

DTE Energy – St. Clair

“Chuck Raymond, Ed Antaya and everyone at the Macomb Group have always gone the extra mile and more to provide us with the service we need to make timely repairs on equipment at Monroe Power Plant. They are extremely knowledgeable and have helped me in particular, ensuring that I have the correct pipe, valves and fittings according to ASME specs that they are far more familiar with than myself. Chuck has taken my calls and made the appropriate contacts while on vacation. Ed has done research for rebuild kits on the antiquated equipment that have helped keep equipment in service that otherwise would have to have been entirely replaced.

I highly recommend that we grant them Tier 1 vendor status.”

DTE Energy – Monroe

“I used to be at Monroe Power Plant as an engineer, then in Supply Chain. I would definitely support the use of Macomb Group as our Tier 1 pipe, valve, and fitting supplier. At Monroe, Macomb supplied us with Chuck Raymond as their rep. He has a background in power plant applications. By Macomb providing that kind of expertise, they were a valuable partner in our plant discussions about replacement materials that provided fit, form and function for items that were obsolete. I believe that is the kind of service we are asking our Tier 1 suppliers to provide. Macomb Group is located in our Service area which allows them to respond to emergency requests in the form of materials or personnel to respond to plant questions, including on site visits at all hours, which they have performed.”

DTE Energy – Ann Arbor

“Chuck,I would like to thank Macomb for the quick response on Saturday afternoon. As always you have once again pulled us from a jam. With Unit 1 being down and the tube leak being repaired faster than anticipated you really helped us out. I appreciate all of your help and I sent the PO over on Sunday so you should be all set. Please extend my “Thanks” to Ty as well. I know that being interrupted in the middle of your day off is not always the most pleasant thing but you guys always come through and with a great attitude. Thanks again! Have a great week!”

DTE Energy – Monroe

Ford Sterling Plant

“Your attention to detail and meticulous records keeping were evident in the information you provided. Your program is very compelling and you have given us a great deal to consider as we move forward with our plans to partner with a single supplier… Once again, thank you very much for your time and all of the work you put into making us feel as if we are a customer with whom you would like to continue doing business.”

John E. Green Mechanical Contractor

“I would like to thank Macomb for the quick response on Saturday afternoon. As always, you have once again pulled us from a jam.”

Home Owner

"More times than we would like, a company receives an e-mail describing a less than positive experience. That was not my case, as I walked away saying "WOW , there is a company that knows how to do business." When someone of little importance like myself is treated the way I was, it makes one wonder what you would do for your larger customers.

Allow me to explain. I recently retired from the Midland County Maintenance Department. My wife and I bought a home that needed a lot of work, including a new boiler. Being familiar with boilers, I started researching the best boiler for my needs. I wanted to heat my home and domestic hot water. My research brought me to the conclusion that the Lochivar Knight wall hung unit with the Squire Indirect Tank was best for my needs.

After going to Lochinvar's web site, I found Macomb Group was the dealer for my area. Not being familiar with your company, I was concerned. I called and was greeted by a very nice receptionist. After explaining the nature of my call, she referred me to Dan. Dan was very attentive, knowledgeable, and personable. He went way beyond what I expected or experienced from your competitors. Dan ordered the boiler and tank, and it came in a timely fashion. He even invited me to attend a Tech. info meeting Lochivar was hosting at your Midland location to familiarize companies that the Macomb Group supplies about the new Knight boiler. The meeting was informative and the Lochivar Rep. knew his product and communicated it well, a skill set not often found in a factory technician. Later, Dan asked if I would be interested in Macomb Group providing the materials needed to complete installation, which made sense, and I agreed.

This is where another remarkable Macomb Group employee, Dudley, became involved. He took my drawing, figured what I would need to complete the job, and arranged for pickup a few days later. His compilation of what I needed was complete, had no back orders and refreshingly, no reason for excuses. If I would have asked for service of this nature from your competition, I would have been laughed at.

When I had to make a few field changes, your counter people were great when I needed to pick up a few fittings. 

To sum up my experience, it was great. Macomb Group's prices were competitive and inventory was sufficient, but it is your staff and their commitment to your customers' needs that separate you from your competition. Macomb is fortunate to have such a Group. Ah, maybe that's how you came up with the second part of your name, GROUP.

Please thank your GROUP for me."  

Western Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"Ron, I would like to thank you and the team that worked on our delivery for the Sunday helicopter lift. This lift was a great success, and it has been applauded by the building owner, construction manager, other trades, and members of the community.

I personally appreciate the time put into preparing the pipe and fitting bundles for our ease of rigging. There are too many items that you performed, without us even asking, to list here. I saw no confusion between our roof and ground crews, and the picks went off like clockwork. At critical times like these, I can really appreciate someone’s professionalism.

I am one that likes to pass along praise when it is given to me. When you are surrounded with good people, it is readily available. We have been inundated with it since the completion of the lift. As one of the most critical components of this lift operation, I commend you."


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