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R.L. Bondy Insulation, LLC designs, supplies, and installs high and low temperature mechanical insulation

for piping systems, heavy-duty equipment, and ductwork in commercial, institutional, industrial, and automotive applications.

With more than 142 years of combined experience, R.L. Bondy has completed landmark projects across the entire country. During this time, we have built the staff, the systems, and the equipment to work in a broad range of areas:

  • Research and design - From preliminary engineering designs to project management to skilled tradespeople, we have an expert team at your disposal.

  • Commercial - The hallmark of an R.L. Bondy job is the special emphasis on minimizing life cycle costs while reducing energy and operating expenses - focuses that are especially important for schools, office centers, health care facilities, theaters, stadiums, casinos, and other commercial enterprises.

  • Industrial - We've supported countless companies across the industrial spectrum, including underground utilities, chemical facilities, water treatment plants, auto assembly and paint facilities, steel producers, refineries, power companies, and low temperature nitrogen and oxygen facilities, just to name a few.

  • Food service - Because of the public health issues involved, few insulation projects are as critical and demanding as those involved in the food service area. We are familiar with the procedures for safely and successfully installing all types of systems for food processing facilities, dairy products handling, cold storage, kitchen exhaust fire-related systems, flash freezers, FDA pipe and equipment, blanket insulation, cryogenic insulation, sound attenuation, and more.

Why Work with Us?

Regardless of the application, we're capable of meeting your mechanical insulation needs in terms of price, scheduling, and performance. The R.L. Bondy insulation team eagerly accepts and thrives on industry challenges like precise specifications and tight deadlines. We're able to do this because of our systematic approach to every part of our business, from fabrication to installation:

  • We work directly with you - We pride ourselves on our ability to work directly with mechanical piping contractors, project architects, design engineers, owners, and general contractors. This hands-on commitment is what keeps us ranked among the industry's best.

  • Every project is custom - While most projects are installed based on predetermined specifications, R.L. Bondy stands ready to evaluate all project plans for safety, efficiency, and value, and to recommend alternative solutions whenever appropriate.

  • We keep everything in-house - We're proud of our impressive warehousing capabilities: The Macomb Group's 350,000-square-foot Sterling Heights warehouse combined with the warehousing resources of R.L. Bondy offer ample material storage capacity and allow us to maintain our own heavy equipment and provide just-in-time delivery of vital insulation components and systems.

  • Our fabrication shop is top-notch - Our state-of-the-art dedicated fabrication shop is staffed by industry experts who produce and custom-fit specialty plastic and metal insulation systems. This structure gives R.L. Bondy complete control over production quality and our schedule, ensuring efficiency and streamlining even the most demanding assignment.

So whatever your requirements and whatever balance of benefits and services you may need for your next mechanical insulation project, you can be assured that R.L. Bondy is experienced, ready, and committed to going above and beyond your expectations!

Let us guide you to superior design and outstanding performance - and, ultimately, long-term cost savings. Please give us a call.


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