Seamless Overview

Our IPSCO Koppel operation offers an extensive line of seamless tubular products. These products are manufactured at IPSCO Koppel's plant located in Ambridge, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh). IPSCO Koppel is a premier producer of seamless oil country tubular goods, drill pipe, coupling stock and line pipe used in the exploration, production and transmission of oil and natural gas.

Seamless products are manufactured from cast round billets produced in an electric arc furnace and ladle refining facilities located in Koppel, Pennsylvania. In Ambridge, solid cast round billets are heated in a rotary hearth furnace to temperatures over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Billets exit the rotary furnace to the piercer for conversion to tube hollows. Hollows move through our mandrel mill where wall thickness is generated through an 8-stand floating mandrel mill process. Tubes exit the mandrel mill to the stretch reduction mill where they are rolled to diameter. After the stretch mill process, tubes are cut to length for finishing. Finishing and further processing operations include Premium and API production tube upsetting, normalizing, quench and temper, straightening, threading, EMI Inspection, hydrotesting and coating.

Oil Country Tubular Goods

Production tubing is available in carbon and alloy grades in diameters ranging from 2 3/8 inches to 4 1/2 inches. Our seamless production tubing is available as a threaded and coupled product as well as plain end with a premium upset for a proprietary premium thread. Our production tubing products are manufactured to API and proprietary specifications.

Casing products are available in carbon and alloy grades in diameters of 4 1/2, 5 and 5 1/2 inches. Our casing products are manufactured to API specifications.

Semi-finished drill pipe is available in carbon and alloy grades in diameters ranging from 2 3/8 inches to 5 inches. Our seamless drill pipe can be ordered as green tube or as upset and heat-treated to API 5D grades.

Coupling stock is available in carbon and alloy grades in diameters ranging from 3.063 inches to 5.000 inches. Our coupling stock is manufactured to API specifications.

Line Pipe
Line pipe products are available in carbon and micro-alloyed grades in nominal sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches (2.375 inch to 4.5 inch O.D.). Our line pipe products are manufactured to various industry specifications, typically API 5L Grade B through X60. Higher strength material may be inquired.

Standard Wall Pipe
Standard wall pipe products are available in carbon grades in nominal sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches (2.375 inch to 4.500 inch O.D.).

Mechanical Tubing
Mechanical tubing products are available in carbon and alloy grades in diameters ranging from 2.375 inches to 5.500 inches.

Welded Overview

IPSCO produces tubular products up to 16" in diameter by the electric resistance weld process ("ERW" for short). In the process a coil of steel is continuously fed through a set of rolls to form it into a cylindrical hollow shape with the coil's length as its axis. The two edges are then heated to red-hot temperatures by applying  electrical energy and are forged together such that the edges are fused permanently upon cooling. The Blytheville, Camanche, Wilder, and Geneva pipemaking facilities all utilize the ERW process.

To produce rectangular or square tubes the round pipe is immediately put through a set of forming rolls to alter its shape. Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) or structural tubing, are made at the Geneva facility.

Major Product Groups


    * 2 3/8" through 16" outside diameter
    * 0.154" to 0.500" wall thickness


    * 2" through 7" square and equivalent rectangles
    * 0.125" through 0.250" wall thickness

Major End Uses

    * Plumbing pipe for water distribution (primarily in multi-family dwellings and commercial or industrial establishments)
    * Oil and gas well casing and tubing (referred to in the trade as "oil country tubular goods" or "OCTG")
    * Pipe for gathering oil and gas from wells, transmitting it long distances, and for the final distribution to end-customers (pipe for these purposes is collectively referred to as "line pipe")
    * Water and sewage transmission pipe
    * Tubular products for equipment, building and construction applications, most often in square or rectangular cross-sections referred to in trade circles as "hollow structural sections", HSS or structural tubing.

A53 Standard Pipe

A pipe is a pipe is a pipe. Or is it?

Chemistry. Physical properties.  Yield and tensile strength.  All to ASTM specs.  These things make a pipe A53.  Exceptional quality and consistency are what make a pipe IPSCO A53.  Take a closer look.  There's more to IPSCO than meets the eye.

The IPSCO Advantage

How do you distinguish yourself when you produce a commodity?  In every way possible, that's how.  At least, that's the IPSCO philosophy.  IPSCO examines its process, testing, service - everything it does.  Then it finds a way to do everything better.

Take the IPSCO production process, for instance.  IPSCO uses electric resistance welding instead of inferior continuous weld or lap weld processes.  IPSCO also uses ultrasonic weld line inspection instead of electromagnetic methods that may not reveal all flaws.  These stricter testing methods result in part of IPSCO's origins in the energy pipe market, an industry known for its rigid quality standards.

On the subject of quality, IPSCO is also ISO 9001 certified.  IPSCO offers full lab metallurgical capabilities that are second to none.  In addition, it provides exceptional levels of technical assistance regarding quality and performance issues.

Another important IPSCO advantage is the traceability of its steel.  The company's ISO certification dictates that the steel be traceable by heat number, and that works to the client's benefit.

IPSCO offers a broad range of products packaged in convenient bundle sizes.  IPSCO produces ASTM A53B in sizes 2 3/8" to 16" OD in wall thicknesses 0.154" to 0.500.

IPSCO can produce lengths from 16 to 60 feet and stocks common sizes in 18-, 20-, 21- and 42-foot lengths.  The cutting tolerances on standard lengths are -0"/+2".  Non-standard lengths are available from production runs based on quantity.

IPSCO makes high-quality beveled ends.  Cut grooving, roll grooving, threaded and coupled pipe, and galvanized are available through turnkey contractors.  The company can make the arrangements for you.

A Few Words on Price, Availability and Service

IPSCO is always competitively priced.  It conducts frequent rollings so product availability is very good.  It can ship products by barge, rail or truck or customers can pick it up.  IPSCO dual stencils and certifies to ASTM A53B and ASME SA53 specifications.

IPSCO works hard to keep customers informed by providing inventory and production schedules as well as regular order status reports.  IPSCO's customer service representatives are among the best in the business.

ULTRA Premium Connections

ULTRA Premium Oilfield Services has been serving oilfield customers since 1967 with outstanding quality and superior customer service. Acquired in 2006 and formerly called Fishing Tools Specialty, ULTRA Premium Oilfield Services now offers the industry a family of patented premium connection solutions originally developed by Eric Klementich, PE, FASME, SPE.

The ULTRA premium product line provides customers some of the strongest premium connections available today for deep, high pressure, horizontal / directional, and other challenging drilling and completion environments. ULTRA Premium Oilfield Services offers full support of our product line with accessories, technical support, field service, and general oilfield manufacturing.

ULTRA Premium Oilfield Services has expanded it's coverage to the Gulf Coast with the opening of our premium connection facility in Houston, Texas. Our Houston facility is committed to providing the same high quality products and customer service that customers have come to expect..

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